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The Zaklee Nissan Skyline RB25 clear cam gear cover is an exact duplicate of the stock part, except that it is made from optically clear polycarbonate.  It is designed to bolt easily onto your car.  If you don’t have the shoulder bolts that Nissan provided for mounting the cover, as well as the rubber spacers from Nissan, it is highly recommended to also purchase the Zaklee Bolt Kit for the RB25 clear cam gear covers. Buy with this cover and save $5.


USD $79.00 plus $15.00 Packaging, Handling & Shipping by FedEx w/ tracking #.  Add $20 for Zaklee Bolt Kit
Overseas: USD $79.00 plus $20.00 Packaging, S&H via USPS. Add $20 for Zaklee Bolt Kit



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