Nissan RB20 Clear Cam Gear Cover

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The Zaklee Corp. Clear Cam Gear Cover allows for quick visual inspection of the timing belt, timing marks, and adjustable cam gears.  Made of durable polycarbonate this cam gear cover has been designed to fit almost all adjustable cam gears.  Fits all Nissan RB20 powered vehicles.  Designed and Made in America.


The Zaklee Nissan Skyline RB20 clear cam gear cover is an exact duplicate of the stock part, except that it is made from optically clear polycarbonate.  It is designed to bolt easily onto your car.  If you don’t have the shoulder bolts that Nissan provided for mounting the cover, as well as the rubber spacers from Nissan, it is highly recommended to also purchase the Zaklee Bolt Kit for the RB20 clear cam gear covers. Buy with this cover and save $5.


United States: USD $79.00 plus $12.00 shipping and handling.  Add $20 for Zaklee Bolt Kit
International: USD $79.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling. Add $20 for Zaklee Bolt Kit

Remember this is only a plastic cover being held on, not a wheel or structural parts of a car, very little torque is required to hold this in place.  Thread all bolts into holes before tightening.

All Zaklee Corp. clear cam gear covers will include a random color  Zaklee Corp Logo Sticker.  If you want a specific color, please make mention in the notes.

Please take care when cleaning the clear cam gear cover and use only water and mild non amonia soap.


2 reviews for Nissan RB20 Clear Cam Gear Cover

  1. Jack

    haven’t installed yet but it looks amazing! appears quite durable and is crystal clear. must have to show off them pretty new cam gears

  2. Cody

    Finally got this installed with the hardware kit and it looks amazing. You can see my cam timing as well as how cool the after market cam gears look inside this extremely well built and durable cover. I smacked the crap out of this thing when I was putting everything together and when I dropped the engine into the car. Can’t stress enough how impressed I am with it. Thanks for the awesome product and awesome friendly service!

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