Toyota 4A-GE 16v INLINE Clear Cam Gear Cover


The Zaklee Corp. Clear Cam Gear Cover allows for quick visual inspection of the timing belt, timing marks, and adjustable cam gears.  Made of durable polycarbonate this cam gear cover has been designed to fit almost all adjustable cam gears.  Fits Toyota 4A-GE 16 valve engines mounted INLINE or Longitudinally. 

Designed and Made in America.

Now Available in Translucent Red, Green, and Purple in addition to Clear!!!


Zaklee Corp. Toyota 4a-GE 16 valve INLINE/Longitudinal Clear Cam Gear Cover.

The Zaklee Corp. Clear Cam Gear Cover is almost an exact duplicate of the factory Toyota upper timing belt cover.  It is made of polycarbonate, an extremely durable thermoplastic.  The clear cover allows for quick visual inspection of the timing belt and timing marks.  We have also designed the cover to fit with most aftermarket adjustable cam gears.  

Fits 16 valve 4A-GE engines mounted in an INLINE configuration.  This cover does NOT have a notch for the side motor mount bracket.  For transverse applications such as MR2, please see this link

Note- If using aftermarket or ARP cam gear bolts, please check clearance between bolt heads and cam gear cover before starting engine.

United States: USD $79.00 plus $12.00 shipping and handling.
International: USD $79.00 plus $20.00 shipping and handling.

Installation Tip- thread all bolts before tightening.  Do not overtorque the fasteners, only lightly hand tighten.  A small bit of mild threadlocker can be used.  Remember this is only a plastic cover being held on, not a wheel or structural parts of a car.  Overtightening the fasteners will compress the brass sleeve and allow the plastic to fail and crack.

Please take care when cleaning the clear cam gear cover and use only water and mild non amonia soap.

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Clear $79.00 USD, Green $89.00 USD, Purple $89.00, Red $89.00 USD


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